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Hotel cavetarzan
The Cave Tarzan River Kwai Resort
224 Moo 2 Kho-Samroung,
Muang, Kanchanaburi 71000

Mесто:Kwai Noi
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Hotel kanchanaburi

Кейв Клиф Тарзан Ривер Квай Резорт - идеальный выбор для тех, кто стремится быть ближе к природе. Расположенный на берегу реки Квай Ной (приток знаменитой реки Квай), этот очаровательный курорт окружен пышной зеленью и безмятежными горами. Курорт может похвастаться уникальным креативным дизайном архитектуры и интерьера, который идеально сочетается с природным окружением, а также предоставляет все необходимые современные удобства. Уютные номера различных типов включают «Cave House», «Cliff House», «Tarzan House», где вы сможете, в буквальном смысле слова, жить на прямо на дереве, возле реки и т.д.

На территории курорта гостям доступны: конференц-и банкетные залы, ресторан у реки, массаж, катание на байдарках, прокат велосипедов, лодки, настольный теннис, караоке, автостоянка.

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возраст ребенка 2-11
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до окт. 31, 2015
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634137/accom-ingtawan01.jpg Ing Ta Wan House завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 1873 руб1873 руб select
634137/accom-ingthara01.jpg Ing Ta Ra House завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 2242 руб2242 руб select
634137/accom-cliffhouseupstair02.jpg Cliff House, Up Stair завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 2242 руб2242 руб select
634137/accom-tarzanhouse01.jpg Tarzan House no.1, 2 завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 1873 руб1873 руб select
634137/accom-tarzanhouse04.jpg Tarzan House no.3 завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 2242 руб2242 руб select
634137/accom-tontorruk01.jpg Ton Tor Rak no 2, 3 завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 2867 руб2867 руб select
634137/accom-korya02.jpg Kho Ya House 4 persons завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 3109 руб3109 руб select
634137/accom-cavehouse08.jpg Cave House 4 persons завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 5606 руб5606 руб select
634137/accom-cavehouse02.jpg Cave House 6 persons завтрак вкл seasonal rate~ 6842 руб6842 руб select
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Child policy: Children 2-11 years old sharing with parents (without extrabed): compulsory breakfast charged at 1 Baht per day.

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It offers unique jungle style accommodation comprising of 27 spacious guestrooms distinctively designed with diverse characteristics. The striking feature is the decoration that harmonises perfectly with the resort’s natural surroundings. Yet, each resort is readily well-appointed with a wide range of modern amenities for guests’ comfort. img


Ing Ta Wan House 1-7
This cosy house has a lovely front garden. Each guestroom is well-appointed with various amenities such as the air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator, and water heater.

img img
Ing Ta Ra House 1,2
Well-decorated with a fern garden, the house comes with relaxing atmosphere and an open-air bathroom. This house is located closer to the River Kwai Noi than other houses, but still less than TonTorRak House.

img img
Ton Tor Rak House 1,2,3
The house is constructed from the remains of the tree stump which might seem useless in the villagers’ eyes. The resort’s team has put together a brilliant idea to create TonTorRak House which is made of the tree roots and stumps as well as its remains. It is peacefully set at the waterfront, perfect for the nature lovers.

img img
Tarzan House 1,2,3
The house itself is nicely put on the tree. The wooden fence and railing are creatively decorated with parts of the tree. The bathroom is placed on the top floor. Because of its location up on the tree, each room is particularly large, but has sufficient space. This is an ideal choice for those little ones who enjoy climbing and adventures.

Tarzan House 1,2
img img
Tarzan House 3
img img
Cliff House 1,2
The house comes in tree-shaped style. Once inside, guests will feel like sleeping in the trunk of the tree. There is a waterfall in front of the house and a lovely stream flowing through the bedroom on the ground floor (the imitated waterfall doesn’t open all the time).

Cliff House Upstairs
img img
Cliff House Downstairs
img img
Kho Ya House 1-4
This cottage-styled house is situated by the serene river, along the creek, exuding the splendid ambience. Inside the room is well equipped with ample facilities like the other houses. Each house comprises of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bathtub.

img img
Cave House 1,2
This house is a replica of the real cave house in the soil. There is a rock garden in front of the house. The cave is a heart-shaped house, divided into two hemispheres, the left and the right one. Each hemisphere comprises 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. There is a marble floor and the imitation of the natural stone wall which creates the feeling of sleeping in a real cave, but with comfort from modern convenience such as air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator, and water heater, including a stylish bathtub in a bathroom.

Cave House 6 pax
img img
img img
Cave House 4 pax
img img
img img


Activities Services
  • - Kayaking
  • - Fishing
  • - Cycling
  • - Pedal Boat
  • - Massage
  • - River swim
  • - Space to put up a tent
  • - Meeting room with seminar and banquet facilities
  • - Large lawn for events and activities
  • - Waterfront restaurant with a wide variety of appetizing dishes including freshly caught seafood.

img img
img img
img img
img img



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