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Hotel ndol
Ndol Streamside Thai Villas
191 Moo 1, T.Muak Lek
A.Muak Lek, Saraburi 18180

Mесто:Saraburi, Muaklek
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Hotel thai

Расположенный в уединенном месте в районе Као Яй, Ndol Streamside Thai Villas, это элегантный отель, в красивом ландшафтном саду. Отель расположен среди пышной тропической зелени в районе Muaklek, рядом с небольшой речкой. Отель объединяет в себе легендарное наследие Таиланда с современными стандартами комфорта, предоставляя гостям незабываемые впечатления. Отель находится всего лишь в1,30 часах езды от Бангкока.

Все номера изящно оформлены в естественных тонах с большим количеством азиатского антиквариата и предметов искусства. Гостям предоставлен широкий спектр услуг, включая бассейн, спа-центр, экскурсии на лодке и места проведения встреч и совещаний.

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Child policy: Children 4-11 years old sharing with parents (without extrabed): compulsory breakfast charged at 200 Baht per day.
Hot Deal 10% : 10% discount per room.
Early Bird Promotion 25% Off : Promotion 25% discount for bookings made at least 30 days or more before arrival.
Last Minute Deal 25% Off : Last minute 25% discount for bookings made less than 7 days before arrival.
Thailand grand sale : Special rates per room.
Thailand grand sale : Special rates per room.

фотографии отеля и прилегающих заведений
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The creation of Ndol Stems Side Thai Villa was from a desire to preserve Thai art and culture, and to share this special sanctuary with our guests. Ndol is centered on traditional teak houses that were brought to their present location from central Thailand. The beautifully furnished rooms and common areas showcase a rich and varied collection of Thai and Asian antiques and art amassed over generations. The breathtaking array of artifacts reflects an astounding degree of attention to detail and individuality. Ndol links Thailand's legendary heritage with contemporary standards of comfort and service providing guests an experience of true elegance and originality.

Ndol is set in a beautifully landscaped garden and its exclusive accommodation offers the ultimate retreat. Located alongside a gently flowing stream that runs between Muak Lek and Jed Sao Noi Waterfalls, Ndol's year round beauty is perfect backdrop for indulgence. The garden with its water features, lotus ponds and lush tropical foliage, is a sight to behold.

Ndol is decorated with a stunning array of Asian antiques and objects d'art. The exquisite selection of Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese antiques and art provide a visual journey through Thai and Asian history and culture, and captivate our guests at every turn.
Creek Deluxe
(Ming / Sukhothai/ Chiang Saen / Zen)
(size: 45 sq.m.: indoor 40 sqm., balcony 5 sqm.)

Inspired by the richness and opulence of its namesake dynasty, Ming showcases a beautiful collection of Chinese art and antiques. The color red is prominent in this room, making for a bold but warm environment, with lovely artistic touches. Located on the upper­floor, Ming’s balcony offers grand views over Ndol.
(size: 47 sq.m.: indoor 39 sqm., balcony 8 sqm.)

Located on the upper-­floor, and taking its influence from Thailand’s Sukhothai era, this room features a unique Thai manuscript, sangkhalok (ceramic ware), and lavish silk. the long balcony provides a cool spot for a relaxing breakfast and a romantic an evening drink.
Chiang Saen
(size: 57 sq.m.: indoor 47 sqm., terrace 10 sqm.)

Chiang Saen is located in an intimate corner of the ground floor, and has its own private garden. Chiang Saen is inspired by the richness of the art and culture of the ancient capital of the Lanna Kingdom in the northern region of Siam.
(size: 50 sq.m.: indoor 44 sqm., outdoor 6 sqm.)

As tranquil as its name, Zen is influenced by Japanese minimalism and simplicity. The calming natural color scheme and simple yet comfortable furniture, along with a private outdoor bathtub enclosed by a bamboo fence, provide a very Zen experience.
Theme Deluxe 2 Bedroom
(Colonial / Indochine)
(size: 58 sq.m.: indoor 51 sqm., balcony 7 sqm.)

The two-­ bedroom Colonial gracefully mixes European and Asian styles in its upper-­floor location. Classic western decor meets exotic eastern furnishings in this elegant blue and white room. The refined Colonial also features a balcony with views over the stream.
(size: 61 sq.m.: indoor 51 sqm., terrace 10 sqm.)

Taking its influence from Vietnam’s rich and varied history, the two-­bedroom Indochine is replete in exotic silks, crafts and historical bird prints. A charming room, Indochine’s decor gracefully merges with the outdoor tropical garden.
(Natidol / Cholvalai / Prysakorn)
(size: 67 sq.m.: indoor 55 sqm., balcony 12.5 sqm.)

Natidol is located on the upper -­ floor of the northern wing, with a private balcony overlooking the beautiful stream, the pond, and the swimming pool. Natidol features plenty of space to relax ­ both inside and out ­ and enjoy the distinctive features of this expansive room.
(size: 62 sq.m.: indoor 52 sqm., terrace 10 sqm.)

Located on the ground floor, Cholvalai, Decorated in Colonial style with contemporary Touch, provides an extra level of exclusivity in the form of a private patio and garden. The romantic oversized marble bath adds a special touch to this exceptional room.
(size: 84 sq.m.: indoor 64 sqm., terrace 20 sqm.)

With direct access to the swimming pool, Prysakorn has its own indoor dining area and kitchenette, making for a convenient and private retreat. It is accessed from the private poolside patio.
Siam Villa 1 Bedroom
(size: 112 sq.m.: indoor 52 sqm., balcony 60 sqm.)

Taraval’s upper-­floor location features a private balcony with its own sala – an open pavilion – offering an enviable view of the stream and gardens. Flowing silk curtains shroud the king-­size bed, adding to the sense of luxury experienced in this large suite. From the oversized bath, guests can soak up the view through the floor-­to-­ceiling windows.
2 Bedroom Exclusive Suite
(size: 115 sq.m.: indoor 65 sqm., balcony 50 sqm.)

Located on the upper-­floor, TheTwo-­Bedroom Panvari has a wide balcony overlooking the stream and pool, from which guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Ndol’s beautiful natural surroundings.
(size: 87 sq.m.: indoor 53 sqm., veranda 34 sqm.)

Slinda Honeymoon Suite Villa is the epitome of luxury and romance. The split-­level design is in keeping with a traditional Thai room, with each level designated for a different function. The entrance leads up to the living area, and the bed is grandly positioned on the third level. Large doors open onto a private veranda, with a classic day bed overlooking the stream.
Jacuzzi Villa
(size: 104 sq.m.: indoor 63 sqm., outdoor 41 sqm.)

Located in a secluded streamside location, this intimate and cozy villa offers a Separate Bedroom and Living Room areas, and also a private terrace overlooking the stream, and its own outdoor bathtub set amidst the tropical garden sanctuary.
Royal Pool Villa
(size: 134 sq.m.: indoor 93 sqm., outdoor 41 sqm.)

The Villa has two bedrooms, a separate dressing room, and a streamside Veranda and private swimming pool. Inspired by Thailand’s grand royal heritage, the rooms are delicately furnished in sumptuous silks and natural woods, creating a warm and calming environment.
Malai Veranda
Open time: 11.00 am. - 09.00 pm.
The unique dining room, connected to the lobby and the swimming pool. A traditional Thai terrace embraces all day breeze with artifacts and antique collection also Siamese old paintings as décor. It is the all-­day dining featuring the authentic Royal Thai Cuisine from the reknown culinary recipes. The fresh indegrients are from Mueklel’s abundant resources such as river fish, sun flower leafs, grapes to create daily special menus. You can also enjoy international food and suacks from our pool bar menu as a sumptuous alternative.
Summer Lounge
Open time: 08.00 am. - 10.00 am.
Furnished with an impressive collection of Thai and Asian antiques, a gentle breeze flows through the cozy lounge. Soothing background music, a comfortable chair, a piano and a drink from the bar in hand surrounded by the garden’s lush foliage and poolside patio makes for a refined and relaxing ambience.
Amber Bar
Open time: 08.00 am. - 10.00 pm.
Offering a variety of drinks from fresh squeezed juices, cocktails, mock tails and wine also tea, coffee and snacks. Introducing a selection of home-­made dishes and Ndol’s signature pastries, ice-­cream and fruit sorbet. Amber Bar allows you to enjoy Ndol’s most magnificent view, listening to the soothing sound of the stream and the cool music, it is the perfect spot for relaxing and chilling out from day through night.
Ndol Spa
Open time: 09.00 am. - 09.00 pm.
Our spa sets amidst Ndol’s natural splendor and lush tropical garden, offers authentic Thai massage, foot massage, aroma massage, body scrub, mineral or milk bath and herbal steam. Be indulged with Ndol’s signature aromatic treatments. This is the oriental art of ultimate relaxation for both body and soul.

Meeting Facilities
Ndol is a unique exclusive venue to organize diverse functions, events or seminar. Every authentic common space, both in-­ door and out-­door, allows us to create any activities or any purposes in style. Such as breezy verandas, lounges, salas, lawns, gardens, swimming pool decks, streamside terraces and promenades. The pavilion decorated in a refined colonial style on the north bank of the streams, is also available for meetings, weddings and seminars with complete equipment’s. It can accommodate thirty-­five people with conference table set up, and up to fifty people with theatre seating’s.

Swimming Pool Tamdara Tarntawan
Hotel Facilities & Services
  • - Boutique Shop
  • - Wi-Fi access
  • - Massage & Spa
  • - Laundry & Dry cleaning service
  • - Club lounge
  • - Safety Box
  • - Swimming pool
  • - Sight Seeing Boat
  • - Car hire
  • - Butler Service
  • - Fitness
  • - Room Service
  • - Golf Course
  • - Travel & Tour Arrangement
  • - LIMO Service
  • - Wake up call
  • - Lantern Float
Located in Khaoyai; NDOL is just an hour and a half drive from Bangkok and is easily accessible any time.


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