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Hotel sidaresort
Sida Resort
120 Sarika-Nangrong Road, Hintang,
Nakhon Nayok 26000

สถานที่ตั้ง:Nakhon Nayok
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Hotel thai

สีดา รีสอร์ท นครนายก เป็นรีสอร์ทธรรมชาติท่ามกลางสวนเขตร้อน บ้านพักหรูเลียบชายฝั่งต้นน้ำที่เป็นแหล่งกำเนินน้ำตกนางรอง ท่ามกลางอ้อมกอดของภูเขา ป่าดิบ สวนหิน สวนนกและสวนกล้วยไม้ ที่ สีดา รีสอร์ท ท่านจะเพลิดเพลินไปกับธรรมชาติ พร้อมด้วยอาหารหลากหลาย เหมาะสำหรับปาร์ตี้และการประชุมทุกขนาดทุกฤดูกาล สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกที่เติมเต็มความสุขสำหรับสมาชิกทุกคนในครอบครัวเพื่อเพลิดเพลินไปกับการพักผ่อนที่สมบูรณ์รออยู่ที่นี่ บริการอื่นๆ ยังรวมถึงสนามกอล์ฟขนาดย่อม สระว่ายน้ำขนาดใหญ่ นวดแผนไทย ห้องซาวน่า สวนสุขภาพ ห้องสนุกเกอร์ ห้องคาราโอเกะ ฯลฯ

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เด็กอายุ 2-9 ปี
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สกุลเงิน: THB
สถานะห้องพัก: on request โปรโมชั่นพิเศษ Coupons can be applied on booking page ราคาปกติ
ถึง ต.ค. 31, 2016
Deluxe Room +มื้อเช้า seasonal rate~ 1096 ฿1096 ฿ select
New Deluxe Room +มื้อเช้า seasonal rate~ 1198 ฿1198 ฿ select
Executive Room +มื้อเช้า seasonal rate~ 1300 ฿1300 ฿ select
New Executive Room +มื้อเช้า seasonal rate~ 1402 ฿1402 ฿ select
Rimtarn House +มื้อเช้า seasonal rate~ 2795 ฿2795 ฿ select
Sida Townhouse +มื้อเช้า seasonal rate~ 3195 ฿3195 ฿ select
สถานะห้องพัก: ห้องว่าง | รอตรวจสอบห้องว่าง | จำนวนจำกัด | ห้องเต็ม
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Child Policy
1 child under 10 years sharing the room with parents without extra bed is free of charge (on room only).

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Various elegant styles of houses line the banks of streams originating at the renowned Nang Rong Waterfall, in the refreshing embrace of mountains, evergreen forests, rock gardens, bird park and orchards.

At Sida Resort, nature is yours to relish, along with a great variety of delicious cuisines for all sizes of parties and conferences every season of the year.

Full happiness-enhancing facilities are here for every family member to enjoy complete relaxation and leisure. These include mini-golf course, large swimming pool, Thai massage, sauna, health garden, snooker hall, karaoke room, etc.

For guests with the adventurous at heart, there are wildlife viewing trip in Khao Yai National Park, rafting and kayak along the Nang Rong Waterfall through various canyons; horse-riding, mountain bike, ect. for you to enjoy.
Deluxe Room

No. of rooms: 150
A luxurious room for two guests who want a simple feeling and a luxury as a hotel. It is fully equipped with many all conveniences and securities during your stay. You will be relaxed with a fantastic nature of Nangrong waterfall. This waterfall flows through various types of nature. Sida resort offers you a wonderful scenery and atmosphere , you just look through the window of your room.
New Deluxe Room

No. of rooms: 48
This room is designed for guest who love a simple and luxury of contemporary decoration with full convenient facilities. The room is suitable for two people and also guest will be relaxed with fantastic nature of the stream from Nangrong waterfall.
Executive Room

No. of rooms: 26
This room is fully equipped for you and your partner who love Thai style with the convenience and comfort in European style. Just open the curtain of your room, you can easily touch and experience a happiness and relaxation in the midst of nature.
New Executive Room

No. of rooms: 77
This room is fully equipped for you and your partner who love Thai style with the convenience and comfort in European style. Just open the curtain of your room, you can easily touch and experience a happiness and relaxation in the midst of nature.
Rimtarn House

No. of rooms: 22
This house is suitable for four guests, and there are two bed rooms and two bathrooms with all facilities. For example, an air - condition, a television, a refrigerator, a radiator etc. with a comfortable living room. If you look through the balcony of the back of the house which is close to the stream.
Sida Townhouse

No. of rooms: 27
The air-conditioned one storey and a half guesthouse is for eight guests. The house is designed in a European style with all convenient facilities. The house with balcony for the visitors to look at the beautiful front view naturally including the well decorated garden and a small stream that is well designed inside the house. This guesthouse is divided into two stories, and it is suitable for four guests in each storey.
In-room Facilities
  • - Safety deposit boxes
  • - Wash-Iron Service 24 hour.
  • - Taxi
  • - TV
  • - Hot Water
  • - Air-condition
Name Width (m.) Length (m.) High (m.) Classroom (seats) Theatre (seats)
Garagate 6.10 16.18 2.57 45 70
Putthachad 5.7 20.15 2.75 60 100
Grand Ballroom 3 7.7 11.78 2.6 45 70
Suphannika 13.74 27.9 3.48 230 450
Rachavadi 11.9 26.4 2.93 120 200
Ploypailin 7 25 3 100 180
Sichol-bon 5.83 12.9 4 42 60
Chaiyapurk 6.14 20.98 2.75 100 160
Sida Grand Ballroom 27.3 47.65 6 400-1000 700-1800
Suphannahong 15 25 3.3 230 450
Tharalai 12.1 26.53 2.5 108 180
Bussarakhum 15 20 3.2 150 280
Sida Resort Hotel offers
a wide variety of outdoor and indoor sports and leisure activities.
  • - Paintball
  • - Water Trekking
  • - Horse riding ATV car
  • - Tour trekking bike
  • - Jungle walk
  • - Sauna room
  • - Fitness
  • - Swimming pool
  • - Jogging track
  • - Fire Camping
  • - Driving Golf
  • - Snooker (Available daily from 08.00 until 24.00)
  • - Thai Massage (Available daily from 08.00 until 17.00, Saturday closed at 23.00)


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