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Hotel nimmanmai
Nimman Mai Design Hotel
Nimmanheamin-Sukasem Road,
Suthep, Muang, Chiangmai 50200

Mесто:City, Nimmanhaemin Road
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Hotel chiangmai

Расположенный в самом оживлённом квартале города на Nimmanhaemin Road, Nimman Mai Design Hotel представляет собой великолепное соотношение комфорта и дизайна. Отель имеет удобное расположение с легким доступом к общественному транспорту, магазинам, ресторанам и развлечениям города. Международный аэропорт Чиангмай находится всего в 15 минутах езды от отеля.

Nimman Mai Design Hotel предлагает комфортабельные номера, каждый из которых имеет свой уникальный дизайн со всеми современными удобствами для по-настоящему комфортного проживания. Внимательный персонал отеля сделает все возможное, чтобы убедиться, что ваше прибывание оставит самые незабываемые впечатления.

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возраст ребенка 2-11
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до окт. 31, 2015
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Child policy: Children 2-11 years old sharing with parents (without extrabed): compulsory breakfast charged at 150 Baht per day.
Min. 3 Nights Promotion : Minimum 3 consecutive nights stay 7% discount.

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Experience journey of silk roads all converge 7 stylish countries. Simply inspired by designs that brings out the unique character of silk textile combines artistic architecture ideas with the idealistic story of cocoon life cycle cultivate to new inspirations, outstanding idealistic story which linked the countries from all around the world called "Silk Road".

Nimman Mai? Design Hotel, offers a hip design hotel experience unlike any other city hotels. You can find this extraordinary experience of a true soul of journey. The hotel design is inspired from historical and social context of hotel location.

Theme of Accommodation

Silk Cocoon
The room is what you call 'cozy' with the soft lighting and contemporary decor in the shades of chrome. The feeling of metamorphose that occurred before the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The interior design is a functional floor to ceiling panel that divides the sleeping area, with the working space, and relaxing surface on the other. Be cool in a fantasy of a stylish cocoon illusion concept.

Vintage Europe
Be passionate in a classic and continental design with luxury and minimalism furnishing concept. The room is what you call 'lyrics', with the overwhelming décor. The feelings of colonial times that occurred as timeless feeling of a romance. The interior design of the Europe room is a functional in all definition from the macro-level to the micro-level.

Gold China
Be traditional in a cosmological design with oriental emperor concept. The room is what you call 'harmony', with the use of certain colors, numbers and the cardinal directions that occurred the belief in a type of immanence. The interior design of the China room is where the nature of a thing could be wholly contained in its own form.

Jewel Morocco
Be dramatic in a blend of ancient culture design concept. The room is what you call 'inspires', with the selections of creative individuals dazzling colors and attention to details to create the feeling of magic. The interior design of the Morocco room is truly unique, one of the most exotic treasure excitement which introduse the fascinating way of people talent in old centuries, life & tradition.

Zen Japan
Be dramatic in a blend of ancient culture design concept. The room is what you call "the land of rising sun", with the selections of creative individuals' attention to details to create the feeling of Zen. The interior design of the Japan room is truly unique; introduce the fascinating way of people talent in old centuries, life & tradition.

Tribe Lanna
Be exquisite in a contemporary traditional and modern design concept. The room is what you call 'serene', with smooth brown color tones of the room and the furniture implement the touches of magnificent atmosphere give feelings of heritage in one dimension. The interior design of Thai Lanna gives the feeling of Chiang Mai's way of life in olden times.

Thai Rattanakosin
Be classical in integrating custom art and visual creations design concept. The room is what you call 'heaven', with truly skilled specialties of beautiful drawing paints Thai murals of Nang Mehkala a goddess of lightning in the older time of Thai. The interior design of the Thai Rattanakosin room offers the ultimate comfort style and an escape from daily life stress.

Studio Mai?
Located on every floor of the hotel available in 7 themes (Silk Cocoon, Vintage Europe, Gold China, Jewel Morocco, Zen Japan, Tribe Lanna, Thai Rattanakosin) room opens for good views and surrounding. Experience and enjoy nice and comfortable room equipped with modern facilities.

Grand Mai?
Unique Grand Room is the modern contemporary room. Best room for lovers featuring in 6 stylish room types Europe, China, Morocco, Japan, Thai Lanna and Thai Rattanakosin total of 11 rooms on each room provide a dedicate working area, relax in the sexy bathtub with a great view of Doi Suthep Temple and experience general comfort within the elegance of the room.

Mekhala Mai?
Located on the 8th floor of the hotel, Experience Mountain views from in room balcony. The elegance designs and ambitious of Thai royal art are shining in the heart of town. Decoration is in gold and white, focuses on olden days recognize as Thai Rattanakosin.

Additional in room
- Terrace with sitting area
Room Facilities:
  • - LED TV 37 inch with cable TV and DVD player
  • - Boiler Pot with Coffee & Tea
  • - Refrigerator with Mini Bar
  • - In Room Safe
  • - Working Table with Lamp
  • - Individual Air conditioning
  • - Telephone, Hair Dryer
  • - Internet Wi-Fi
  • - Drinking Water
  • - Closet
  • - Amenities, Wardrobe & Slipper
  • - Hot-Cold Rain Shower
  • - Key Card Security System
Coffee & Desert Mai?
This is the most hip street in Chiang Mai. Lively and fun location, popular with locals and visitors alike. Stroll down the main street and wander up and down the small sois are numerous chic bakery, ice cream shops, and coffee bars.

Restaurant Mai?
A great lunch, snack and dining experience with great ambience at Nimmanhaemin Road.

Entertain Mai?
Nimmanhaemin Road is a popular hangout places. The area has several popular nightspots.

Shopping Mai?
Nimmanhemin Road is one of the most famous shopping street of Chiang Mai because it has many luxury shops. Great little area featuring such famous shops. Perfect gift buying shops along the street with the modern style decoration. You can find and enjoy shopping all on Nimmanhemin road every day in Chiang Mai.

Nimman Mai? Design Hotel is right at the center of Chiang Mai on Nimmanhaemin Road. It is conveniently located approximately 15 minutes drive from the Chiang Mai Train Station, Bus Station, Chiang Mai International Airport.


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