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Hotel pailyn-phitsanulok
Pailyn Phitsanulok Hotel
38 Baromatrailokanart Road,
Phitsanulok 65000

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Pailyn Phitsanulok ein First-Class-Hotel am Ufer des Flusses Nan im Geschäftsviertel des Zentrums von Phitsanulok. Das Gebäude ist eine wichtige Touristenattraktion mit Panoramablick auf den Fluss Nan und Hausboot-Museum. Phitsanulok ist ein sehr wichtiges Zentrum für Wirtschaft und Kommunikation, dass den Norden, den Nordosten und den Nordwesten über den Luftweg und das Schienen- und Straßennetz miteinander verbindet. Phitsanulok ist das Zentrum des Tourismus, mit vielen interessanten Sehenswürdigkeiten und Relikten der antiken Stadt aus der Vergangenheit.

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Phitsanulok is a very important center of business and communications, connecting the north, the north-east and the north-west by air, rail and road. Phitsanulok is the center of tourism, with many interesting things to see and many relics of the ancient city and it's past.

Pailyn a first-class hotel on the bank of the Nan river is in the business district in the center of Phitsanulok. The building is a major tourist attraction with a panoramic view of the Nan river and House-Boat Museum.

The hotel entrance, full of dignity, allows guests to enjoy this beautiful place.

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Luxurious clean and modern bedrooms including Standard room, Deluxe room and Junior Suite

Standard Room Junior Suite Room
Deluxe Room Deluxe Room


Dine in our Mangkla, Ploypailyn and Morakot, choosing from an array of our special gastronomical dishes, prepared by our expert chefs. While you are savoring these culinary delights, be entertained by a selection of songs rendered by our beautiful vocalists.

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For our guests who like soft lights and sweet music why not try our Michel Club. For the more energetic, Studio'54 our very popular disco.



The hotel has 3 rooms suitable for parties and meetings they are Vorayada, Varintorn and Busrakum. These rooms can accommodate 1,000 persons including full service and equipment.

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Relax in the Taymoogin Sauna, followed by ancient traditional massage, resulting in complete relaxation. All services are performed around the clock by the well trained and friendly staff of the hotel. Be close to nature and enjoy the comfortable accommodation which is Pailyn Hotel.

We would like you to see our interesting places such as the ancient temples of Phitsanulok, see the famous Phra Buddha Chinaraj at Wat Prasriratanamahathat, Khang Sopa falls, Chatrakarn falls, Thung Sa-langlaung National park etc.

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