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Hotel tentanakara
Tenta Nakara
31/1 Moo 5 T. Paklok, A. Talang,
Koh Naka Yai, Phuket 83130

Emplacement:Island, Koh Naka Yai
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Tenta Nakara est peut-être le seule complexe de l'île de Phuket à offrir un hébergement en tentes luxueuses. L'absence d'électricité dans ce petit refuge insulaire intact renforce le sentiment auLentique de paix intérieure. Les clients bénéficient de lampes à huile et de bougies pour s'éclairer, tandis que l'électricité produite est utilisée uniquement dans la zone du restaurant. Situé stratégiquement sur l'île paradisiaque et idyllique de Koh Nakha Yai, au large de la côte est de Phuket, Tenta Nakara offre à ses hôtes une vue imprenable sur Phang Nga Bay.

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jusqu`à Jan. 1, 1970
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1 Bedroom Garden & Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
1 Bedroom Garden & Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
1 Bedroom Panorama Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
1 Bedroom Panorama Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
VIP 1 Bedroom First row ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
VIP 1 Bedroom First row ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
2 Bedroom Panorama Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
2 Bedroom Panorama Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
VIP 2 Bedroom Garden & Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
VIP 2 Bedroom Garden & Seaview ch/pdj ~ 0 € select
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Resort is closed for major renovation now - further notice

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Tenta Nakara is possibly the only Luxury Tent - Island Resort on the entire Island of Phuket. The lack of electricity on this small - unspoiled Island hideaway enhances the genuine feeling of inner peace. Guests are provided with oil lamps and candles used for light while electricity are generated and used only in the restaurant area.

Our commitment is to give you nature in the most natural way, to preserve the environment with its rustic simplicity, unobtrusive design and attention to comfort without compromising the ecosystem.

Strategically located on the idyllic island paradise of Koh Nakha Yai just off the East Coast of Phuket, Tenta Nakara is a Luxury Tent - Beach Resort which offers its guests breathtaking views of Phang Nga Bay, pure white sandy beaches and the serenity of being almost in the center of newly discovered rainforest.

While its seclusion allows guest complete privacy and a retreat from urban life, Tenta Nakara is still within minutes of Phuket's essential services and attractions.

The property rests on the slope of the ridge above a golden beach with clear water. From the top of the property, it falls away dramatically to the beach providing each square foot of property with panoramic ocean views of Phang Nga Bay and stunning beauty of surrounding islands. The small private beach with fine white sand gently slopes into the calm Phang Nga Bay.

It is everything you've ever dreamed of for a perfect retreat but never believed you could find until now.

Luxury tent accommodations under the palm trees and the stars in permanent tent structures comfortably furnished with wooden floors, raised 6 ft bed, en suite bathroom with shower, washbasin and flush toilet. Chill out at your own outdoor terrace. All units have magnificent view of Phang Nga Bay and stunning beauty of surrounding Islands.

Room Type Built up area
Tent area
1 Bedroom Garden & Sea View 38.5 16 7.5 8.5 6.5
1 Bedroom Panorama Sea View 38.5 16 7.5 8.5 6.5
VIP 1 Bedroom First row 46.5 16 16 16.5 6.5
2 Bedroom Panorama Sea View 70.5 28 13.5 22.5 6.5
VIP 2 Bedroom Garden and Sea View 90 28 21 34.5 6.5
1 Bedroom Garden & Sea View Room
Set in 2nd row on mild slope with lush garden and filtered sea view. Short distant to restaurant and beach (40 meters). Ideal for senior travelers or couples with one kid under 8 or enfant.

1 Bedroom Panorama Sea View Room
Set in 3rd and 4th row on steep hill side with stunning panorama sea view. About 8 and 12 meters climb, 18 - 26 stairs climb, for 3rd & 4th row respectively.

VIP 1 Bedroom First row
Set in 1st row to beach with large front terrace with sun bed. Massage & Room service for snacks and drinks available for terrace area. Up to 4 extra mattresses in 2 extra small camping tents in terrace area allowed for kid(s) under 12.

2 Bedroom Panorama Seaview (only 1 unit)
Set in 4th row on steep hill side. Equipped with one large bedroom and one connecting small bedroom. Both rooms are attached to joining bathroom with separate entrance.

VIP 2 Bedroom Garden & Seaview (only 1 unit)
Set in 2nd row with convenient walking distant beach and restaurant. Equipped with one large bedroom and one connecting small bedroom. Both rooms are attached to separate bath room with own entrance. Extended front terrace with 2 sunbeds for day use.

Main lounge, bar and dining area, all exquisitely built with natural materials and thatched roofs, with magnificent view of Phang Nga Bay, few steps away private beach. Mingle and hear the travelers' tales from across the region.

We have suggested menus which include Thai and European dishes. Made to order can be provided especially if order in advance. Anything goes, from Phuket Lobster to local crabs, fishes, shells and squids.

  • - Beach Walk, catch crabs, beach fishing, kayaking, hiking, sun bathing...etc.

  • - Rent a Kayak to simply explore the area or to fish for squids. It's a sure catch and lots of fun! Ask staff to buy bait from Ao Por.

  • - Sea Canoe: Spend hours of pleasure exploring the numerous sea-caves in the limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay by canoe or gently meander through the mangroves. Sea canoes are available for hire from Ao Por daily. Open to public, each expedition brings 30-40 people out at a time.

  • - Golfing: Mission Hill Golf Course is just 10 minutes from Ao Por.

  • - Fishing: The shallow Island reef around Koh Naka are home to abundant varieties of fish such as mangrove jackfish, sea bass, and barracuda and are sure to satisfy the avid angler who desires light tackle game. On take the trip to deeper waters where tiger-sharks, martin, dorado, tuna, sailfish, and kin mackerel swim for a greater challenge. Wile the availability of some of these species is subject to migration patterns, a memorable experience fishing these waters can be guaranteed all year round. Long tail, speed boat and yacht are all just minutes away.

  • - Massage: Traditional Thai and Oil Massage by professional masseuses.

  • - Island Hopping: No trip to Phuket will be complete without an expedition out on the crystal clear waters. Visit the legendary Phang Nga Bay with its timeless natural limestone Island karsts. Island hopping in magical Phang Nga Bay is the main activity one plans and happily anticipates on one's visit.

  • - Diving / Snorkeling: The water surrounding Phuket are among the clearest, warmest and calmest in the world. Beneath the surface lies a wonderland of colorful coral reefs and marine life perfect for snorkeling. World-class diving instructors are readily available at bargain prices. If you've ever dreamed of exploring the undersea world, this is the place to realize your dreams.

  • - Board games: provided in restaurant area.

  • - Anything you want to do. Enjoy nature mostly!

Foot massage & lounge area Garden Sea View at terrace
Boat Service Canoeing Sunrise
Once in Phuket : Charter Taxi to Ao Por about 20 Kms. From Phuket International airport and about 30 Kms. from Phuket Town. To get to Ao Por take route 4027 east from the Heroines' Monument, then turn right at the sign for Ao Por about 10 kms. in and follow along for a few kilometers. Naka Yai Island is just minutes (6 kms.) off the North-East Coast of Phuket Island from Ao Por (Por Bay).

Naka Yai Island features only one small village on its west side. The island is rapidly changing from a fishing village into a fairly exclusive resort location. The views out across Phang Nga Bay are simply breathtaking. The longest beach on the east side has chairs and umbrellas for rent. It fills up in the afternoons with day trippers.


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