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Hotel jshut
J.S. Hut Resort
39 Moo 5, Thansadet Beach
T. Bantai, Koh Phangan, Suratthani 84280

 場所:Than Sadet Beach
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Hotel kohphangan

ジェイ・エス ハット・リゾートはサンサデット・ビーチにある小さな家族経営のリゾートです。ハット・リゾートは予算が限られている旅行者の価格に最適なベーシックな小屋付きのお部屋を提供します。 すべてのバンガローはあらゆる家具がついていて、とても広いです。専用のバスルーム、お湯のシャワーとフロントテラスがついています。私たちのフレンドリーなサービスとくつろいだ雰囲気がお客様に本当に楽しい思い出を提供しますように。満月の夜に、お客様は砂のビーチに横たわり、月が水平線からゆっくりと美しく上がっていくのをご覧ください。太陽と月が同じ場所で上昇するのをお客様がご覧できるのは素晴らしいことです。


こどもの年齢 2-11
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通貨: JPY
部屋の空き状況: on request 料金表 Coupons can be applied on booking page シーズン料金
まで 12月 31, 2014
Ocean View Hut, Fan (Room No. 1,3,4,5) お部屋のみ ~ 1209 ¥1209 ¥ select
Wooden Hut, Fan (Room No. 15,16,17) お部屋のみ ~ 1478 ¥1478 ¥ select
Hut Near The Beach (Room No. 12) お部屋のみ ~ 1746 ¥1746 ¥ select
Sea View Hut, Fan ((Room No. 13) お部屋のみ ~ 1746 ¥1746 ¥ select
Ocean View Hut, Fan (Room No.6,14) お部屋のみ ~ 2015 ¥2015 ¥ select
Hut Near The Beach, Fan (Room No. 7) お部屋のみ ~ 2015 ¥2015 ¥ select
Wooden Hut Beach Front (Room No. 8) お部屋のみ ~ 2149 ¥2149 ¥ select
Hut Near The Beach (Room No. 10, 11) お部屋のみ ~ 2149 ¥2149 ¥ select
Wooden Hut Beach Front (Room No. 9) お部屋のみ ~ 2686 ¥2686 ¥ select
お部屋の空き状況(カラー別): 空きあり | お申し込みに応じて | 残りわずか | 満室

Electricity is available from 11.00 - 16.00hrs and 18.00 - 02.00 hrs.
The resort does not accept credit cards
final payment need to be done in cash upon arrival. Hotel quite remote no ATM / cash dispenser in the vicinity
Seasonal Rate: Minimum 4 night stay required.

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Thansadet beach is well known for its clear water, sandy beach and waterfall witch meander down the mountain side through the jungle. For more than a century the waterfall once visited by Chulalongkorn the Great, Rama V, King Rama VI, Rama VII and the present monarch, Rama IX. Especially, the King Rama V total visited it 14 times, by inscription on giant stone nearby waterfall. Thansadet has a unique, Simple rustic feeling, that of the old Koh Phangan and id surrounded by wild jungle behind the resort.

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At J.S. Hut Resort, Thansadet beach Moreover on the full moon night, you can lie down on the sandy beach and look at the Moon is rising from the horizon slowly and beautifully. It's wonderful that you can see the Sun and the Moon rise at the same place.


Here is where you let your leisure goes by serenely and memorably Imagine you are walking barefoot along the beach in the morning appreciating daybreak and sea breeze, or lying lazily in a hammock in the shade of coconut trees and listening to the waves sound from the sea with a good book let our friendly service and relaxed atmosphere present you a truly enjoyable memory.

:: Ocean View Hut, Fan ::
The most private and peaceful home on the small hill over looking Thansadet Bay.

  • Two double beds bungalow for up to 3 persons
  • Single bed (2 persons)
  • Fan
  • Private cold shower
  • Private bungalow with large balcony and hammock

:: Hut Near The Beach, Fan ::
Basic hut simply the best for budget travelers find a new way to meet new people while still have your own private space.

  • Private bungalow with large balcony and hammock
  • Fan
  • Private cold shower and American toilet
  • Double or twin bed
  • Location : close to the beach

:: Wooden Hut Beach Front ::
We keep the beachfront area for all customers to enjoy sharing the beauty of the beach and ocean together.

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  • Two double beds bungalow
    for up to 2 persons (3 - 4 persons)
  • Fan
  • Private cold shower and American toilet
  • Private bungalow with large balcony


Enjoy our culinary delights from the extensive menu of Western and Thai food at affordable prices with a sea view and light breeze in our relaxing hill terrace and ensures you get the most out of the fantastic surroundings at Chill Chill Bar on the rock or There is a wide choice of daily fresh seafood, barbeque, Thai curry, Red curry, Green curry, Tom Yom Kung, Pad Thai, Sandwich.

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Popular choices include the barbecue chosen from a daily selection of fresh seafood, steaks and wide variety of tasty Thai cuisine. Cocktails, fruit shakes and local beers are also available at the J.S. Hut Restaurant on the beach and Chill Chill Bar on the rock.

*** Just a five - minute walk away on the beach from J.S. Hut Restaurant on the beach to Chill Chill Bar on the rock. ***


Also, one can walk along the coast on the disused road to Thong Nai Pan, this takes about one hour and is a scenic walk, taking breathtaking views of the double bay of Thong Nai Pan Yai and Thong Nai Pan Noi. Not for from J.S. Hut Resort (about 5 kilometers) there are Elephants Tracking. Also ,one can go by taxi car along the main road to Thong Sala this takes about 20 minutes.

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